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holistic multidisciplinary care

We understand pain is different for every single person. The same pain in two different people may affect them in completely different ways and so we have a strong belief in individualised pain care. We’ve got a multidisciplinary team so after your first consult you might talk to our pain nurse, book an occupational therapist appointment or speak with our psychologist.

We’ll give you an honest assessment of your pain diagnosis and discuss all treatment options available to you. They key in successful pain management is the right treatment, at the right time, for the right person.

Technical Interventions

Multidisciplinary Care


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I’m 25yrs old, still studying at University and about to be married.

I’ve got an intense ache in my arm and hand that I’ve had since I fractured my wrist one year ago. People don’t believe I am still in pain. I feel alone and have no way of ...

I am 41 years old and have already had 2 spinal surgeries (a lamine...

I have intense and ruthless nerve pain in my legs. It is constant and debilitating. I am unable to get back to any form of enjoyable life. I can’t work. I am exhausted and ...

I’m a wife and have three young children. I’ve had sciatica for 2 y...

My leg feels hot like it is on fire all the time! I’m told I have nerve pain. I’ve seen 5 specialists already and no treatments have helped. I can’t pick up my kids. I can’...

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Experience Matters

Our experienced and respected pain specialists have attained the highest levels of specialist qualifications and accrediations within the industry. Members of our team hold key leadership roles at some of Australia's most repected medical, academic and research organisations.